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  1. Visit the project site:
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  2. Version 2.0 is out, included are three advanced functions that are supposed to cover everything a PowerShell user could ask for.

    It's super fast on the second run due to caching and due to the hardware accelerated WPF based Out-GridView.
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    Thanks !
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  4. You are welcome. Nice to see powershell users around here.
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  5. Changes in Version 3.3:

    - issue with some relative and network input paths fixed by using Convert-Path

    - $ErrorActionPreference='Stop' removed because it doesn't make sense to dot source this in the profile because it's not the default

    - MediaInfoNET.dll renamed to MediaInfoSharp.dll because Get-MediaInfo and MediaInfoNET.dll are used in MediaInfo.NET and there it caused a bug due to a namespace name clash, settings dialog cannot be opened after the Folder View was shown using Get-MediaInfo, new MediaInfo.NET version will be released soon

    - improved website

    - issue fixed loading MediaInfoSharp.dll, no longer relies on changing the process path env var.
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