First, I have to say i'm sorry for I'm not a good english speaker. It made your uncomportable for understand me as text.

I really really really want to get video file,
Actually I tryed some streaming site And I got. But I tryed many way, I didn't get.
Can you made me know??

I think, That's site protect video by Encryption,
I've got some movie Other web sites
The case what That sites If I just got M3U8 File, I got TS file And I can play them.
But, about this site. I've already get M3U8 And TS File, But I can't play that.

So here are Anybody know that, Can you know me plz?

URL https://www.linetv.tw/drama/10804/eps/1
M3U8 URL : https://d3c7rimkq79yfu.cloudfront.net/10804/1/v3/480/10804-eps-1_480p.m3u8
TS File URL : https://d3c7rimkq79yfu.cloudfront.net/10804/1/v3/480/10804-eps-1_480p.ts

Thank you for read my post.