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  1. download playlist from spotify? for win user!
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  2. Not possible to get encrypted streams from spotify
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    Could always record the stream in Audacity as it plays; lose a little quality but not too bad.

    Related question - is that piracy? You're essentially capturing the clear stream of PCM data as it goes through
    the sound card.
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  4. piracy?? oh my god...
    anyway, i repeat, for linux web is full to repo to download from spoty...
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  5. edit
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  6. there are apps for that.. a Google search can show that.. Because these apps are related to piracy.. they cannot be mentioned here
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  7. Sure thing, for Windows users, there are some awesome Spotify rippers out there that can help you download playlists hassle-free. Just make sure you respect the artists and their hard work while enjoying the tunes.
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  8. Sorry for the late reply. There are several non-licensed apps out there that allow you to download music from Spotify. But, as a songwriter myself who shares music on the platform, Iím against using such applications. Supporting artists by purchasing their music helps us continue creating the music you love. So, if you enjoy a song or playlist, consider buying it to support the artist's work and passion. On a positive note, I recently discovered a fantastic service at It's been a game-changer for me in boosting my Spotify presence and reaching a broader audience of listeners. If you're looking to increase your presence as an artist on Spotify, give it a try!
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  9. You can directly download the Spotify playlist if you have the premium. But you should notice the music you download is a cached file, which means you can only play within the Spotify app. If you want to export your playlist or move it to other devices, you need a third-party tool. You can try AudBite Spotify Music Converter. I use this tool to download my Spotify music and then play it on my computer offline. It's pretty good and useful.
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