-I'm new to the video world, bear with me. I'm trying to understand a converter process. When importing a file from say Flashdrive A, does it upload("import") the video or just the source pathway and then then application/program processes the conversion from flash A to flash b( destination)?
- Essentially, does pavtube and other converters alike actually contain the video? Seems like it only takes 10 seconds or less to import, but to transfer same large file from one drive to another it takes several minutes?
-If an error occurs in reading the file when selecting convert, is this saying it is having issues with the file in my source flash A or from the imported portion? A message says " cannot read file", it says "to email techsupport use info below..." I could not read the entire script in the highlighted bar it auto populated to see if it would be sending error info, source info, or my video file? I also do not know if "ok" was just an acknowledgement, but it did have information already populated knowing it had a reading error and I could only select "ok" it would not allow me to select "cancel" It seems that a 1.5 gb file would take a long time to send, so I don't know if when I "imported the file" if it was transcoded or something instead of loading the whole file which i think would take a longer time.

Thanks for your help and patience with my lack of knowledge in this arena.

- I emailed app tech support with no reply of course, so here i am.