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  1. Hi, i am in th UK and have a Sony handycam DCR-TRV110E PAL. I have many old digital HI8 tapes and really want to get them onto my iMac... I have no clue (Total beginner) how to do this, can someone please tell me what cables etc i would need to make this happen... Really appreciate anyones help on this...

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  2. What iMac model do you have? We need the exact model number, so we know all available ports of the iMac.
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  3. Digital 8 and Hi8 are very different formats though they can be recorded on the same tape. Hi8 is analog, Digital 8 is electronically identical to DV. Be sure you know what you have.

    Both can be captured to computer via a Digital 8 camera and firewire -- D8 should be, with Hi8 you'll get a frenzied argument around here about the best capture method.
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