Hi everyone,

I am new on this forum, and I came because I can't find any solution to my problem after searching and searching everywhere.
The problem is stupid but so annoying.
A/I have a video with a specific grey background color, size something like 1515x850
B/I have a picture, same size 1515x850, representing small rectangle logo with the same specific grey background color and the rest with a transparent background.
In the video, I put the video in a layer, then, I add this picture (B/) and I don't know why, I get a border around the logo... but the grey color is exactly the same.
in the picture attached:
1/ video background
2/ just the logo
3/ 1/ and 2/ on the top. Anyone knows why I get this border?
Thanks a lot for your help!
[Attachment 50494 - Click to enlarge]