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  1. Im setting up a voice recording studio and wanted to do some fandubs. But the problem is that i can't seem to find info on how to set up a second monitor with just the video and synched to imovie so i can move around with the voice actor watching the video without the imovie program like people do professionaly.
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  2. You would need a second monitor connected to your Mac which would display the same as your main display. I doubt imovie does a dedicated video only separate output. You would not as you put it " be moving around with the with the voice actor".
    You will not find imovie in use in a professional studio. They will be using a DAW such as Pro Tools or Nuendo which can run a full screen picture either internally or synced to it. The recording, and or the final mix will then go back to the edit suite to be added to the visuals before rendering.
    So to use imovie you will need that extra display but it will only show the same as what you are seeing on your main computer.
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  3. What about Cubase?
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  4. Try Premiere.

    Though I'm not clear on why you would be "moving around with the voice actor." What does that actually mean?
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  5. Originally Posted by smrpix View Post
    Try Premiere.

    Though I'm not clear on why you would be "moving around with the voice actor." What does that actually mean?
    I wrote it without re-reading it to check for errors, sorry if i was unclear. I meant that i want a program where i can move around in the timeline of the video to the timecode of where the lines are supposed to be,with the monitor syched to so it will be easier for everyone involved to make the video we want.
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    ChapmanDolly is correct. If you want to best, efficiently work on audio with video accompaniment, particularly with live VO or with ADR or Foley, you need either a decent NLE, or a DAW (or audio editor) that supports directly video playback.
    and iMovie is a consumer home toy. Pros don't do serious work on that. If Mac, they would be using FCP/FCX or Premiere or MediaComposer (video NLEs) or ProTools, Nuendo, etc (DAWs).

    If you are BOUND to iMovie because of your circumstances, just add a 2nd monitor and duplicate/clone/mirror your screens. Or don't mirror, and set your iMovie to do this:
    It may work well enough for your needs. But the features of iMovie are not very conducive to being productive in a VO/ADR/Foley overdubbing/looping workflow, so just know that it'll be slow going.

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