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  1. Hi All
    I would like to ask which is the best free (if possible) media/server streamer for the above so I can stream movies in most formats from my HP laptop to my LG blu-ray surround sound player.

    If there is one that will stream most formats ie HVEC, H264/H265, 4K , MP4 format..etc that would be useful, I do mux alot of my movies to MKV so that the subtitles can be added from an srt file.

    If there is a media player that wil stream all without having to Mux that would be very useful.

    I do know a little about the shark codec packs that I think can be used with the windows media player.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Regards Dave
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    What about the built-in Wndows media server ?
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  3. Hi thanks I have Windows Media Player, but if I try to stream movies etc to my surround sound that have a higher frame rate than around 23 frames per second they won't play properly & lag or break up of the video etc.

    I don't know if there is a way to integrate the shark advanced codecs to overcome the above problem ?

    I have something to watch at 50fps & won't stream to tv vua surround sound.

    Thanks Dave.
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    Is your Blu-ray player a DNLA device? If so, it should be possible to use your computer as a DLNA server to stream media files to the Blu-ray player for playback.

    However, the Blu-ray player must support the container file format and have the ability to decode the audio and video stored in the file. The Blu-ray player manual should have a section with guidelines listing what it can play. If your Blu-ray player's manual says it can play 50fps then your network may be at fault.

    Note that regular Blu-ray players can't play H.265 or 4K. You need a UHD Blu-ray player to play either H.265 or 4K, or you need to convert from H.265 to H.264 video and downscale from 4K to HD.

    [Edit]It may be worth looking into an Android TV box for streaming media playback if you have many files that the Blu-ray player won't play.
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  5. Hi thanks for the info' yes my blu-Ray is DNLA I will have to check the specs of the player. I think from memory it is an UHD player & 3-D compatable.

    Thank you

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