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  1. Hello guys,

    I'm searching for a video encoder which accepts folder(s) as input and then it scan the folder(s) and all of its sub folders
    grabbing all recognized media files and add them to the encoding queue. Then, after encoding a queued file it
    saves the output file to a same location of the original file, That is, reconstruct the input folder(s) structure.

    I know of one encoder which can do that, Its the MediaCoder
    But The free version allows only 50 items in conversion queue, The registered version is too

    I tried a few encoders but none of them has this feature.
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    What is the need for this? Couldn't you just create a batch script?

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  3. Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    What is the need for this? Couldn't you just create a batch script?

    Hi Scott,

    Creating a batch script will take much longer time than just drag and drop folders onto the encoder window.
    This way, I'm letting the encoder do the hard work for me rather than me doing it.

    Beside, I have not used scripting before, May be because I find the GUI is sufficient and simpler to use and
    gets me the results I want without scripting hassle.

    Having said that, Still, I'll be glad if you can show me a tutorial for batch scripting, Trying a new
    thing won't hurt me!. But I still prefer the easy drag and drop way.
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    staxrip allows it like so:

    staxrip > source > file batch > add > add folder including subfolders

    staxrip is not ideal for beginners, I recommend handbrake or vidcoder.

    You can achieve your goal with many GUI encoders that have batch processing and drag and drop support by using the search feature of windows file explorer to get all your files into one view and from there you can then drag and drop.

    In the search field in Windows File Explorer enter:

    *.mkv OR *.mp4

    Batch script is rather pitiful compared to powershell which as the name implies is very powerful but also very difficult to learn.

    What you want to do works like so:

    Get-ChildItem "D:\source folder" -Recurse -Include *.mp4, *.mkv |
    foreach {
        $OutPath = $_.DirectoryName + "\" + $_.BaseName + "_new" + $_.Extension
        ffmpeg -i $_.FullName -c:v libx265 -c:a copy -crf 20 -preset medium $OutPath
    If you or anybody else has interest I can explain the code.
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  5. Hi stax76,

    I heard of sraxrip but never used it before, But I will give it a try!, I'm not a beginner nor an expert, But I can deal with any
    program with no prob.

    BTW, Are you related to staxrip? I see its part of your name.

    Nearly all apps I used accept folder(s) as an input (drag and drop, manually added or any other way) and scan folders
    for any recognized media formats and queue them. But, almost all of them do not recreate the output folder hierarchy
    and just output all files into one single folder with tree structure lost.

    Also I have found no app (except MediaCoder) which give filtering control over which media file types to accept from a
    drag and drop operation. Most of them add all files even non video files, like archives or text files.

    I can understand your PS script, I myself have wrote scripts before, mostly file management. I'll try your script and
    consider it as an alternative option to what I'm looking for.

    Thanks for your contribution!
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