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    I'm sorry to bother You all with such banality, but I'm nowhere near as clever as You guys, even tho I'm using all this software for years now.

    As of yesterday, when I upgraded my KMVToolnix-FUI from 35.0.0 to 37.0.0 it ceased to run..
    When I open the program, not even a blank window flashes on my screen, a thumbnail on my taskbar shows up, and when I highlight it not even a border of the main window shows on the screen. It doesnt matter if I open it as and admin or not, and now, downgrading to 35.0.0, and/or 36.0.0 doesn't fix it - now no version opens properly.

    What information do I need to provide to narrow my problem down if any of You would like to chip in?

    My specs:
    Win 10 Pro 1903 latest updates
    i7-7700k oc'd to 4.7ghz
    gtx 1060 dual oc 6gb

    I dunno, anything else?

    Thank You in advance and I'll gladly provide any info other.
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    Just a wild guess..... MAYBE you haven't set MKVtoolnix to run in ~portable mode~ and then its entries in the Windows Registry have gone corrupted

    Try this: download the latest .7z archive from ,
    extract its contents to a temporary test folder,
    create a new blank text file and rename it to mkvtoolnix-gui.ini,
    and then run mkvtoolnix-gui.exe.
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