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    I ripped a particular disk, (The Night Manager - BBC), it is 6 episodes on 2 disks, so I ripped the full disks (as iso's). Problem (nuisance mainly), with this one is I cannot remove the 'user operation prohibition' re fbi/homeland sec/some brit same-o warnings.

    Using Redfox latest version.

    Redfox removes this (uop's) on like 99% of disks, but not this one.


    Like I said its mainly a nuisance, if I click on my media players 'jump to menu' button, it starts over at begining of 'warning' Fast forward does nothing. Most rips, either warning is removed or fast forwarding works.


    btw, it is a most excellent vid to watch!
    Cranky Old Man
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  2. You can try PGCEdit. After opening the DVD go DVD->Filter Prohibited User Operations.

    You can also make sure the warnings are never played at all by highlighting the warning PGC and going PGC->Kill PGC Playback.
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