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  1. Hello, so I am asking what the best video editing program is with these certain conditions:

    Once the video is loaded in the editor, the editor will automatically read the quality that the video plays at, what codec its using, what its resolution is, etc.., so when you save that video, the same exact settings of the video will apply to the newly saved video. ALSO, the ability to modify any of these settings (for example, change a video quality of 4000 kb/s to 2000 kb/s).

    The easy ability to click and drag any side of the video, to remove extras from the side, or top or bottom.

    Currently, I've figured after many different apps, I finally reached using VideoReDo.
    Yet whenever I save a video, I have to set all the details for the new video.
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  2. By far the best video editor is the one that does what YOU want.
    No software author tries to make poor programs but each may be better than others in particular ways. Use the one that meets your requirements.

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    Take a look at openshot. For actual editing and splicing it's awesome....and free. Tried avidemux, but beyond simple cutting commercials and remuxing it doesnt fit my needs
    if all else fails read the manual
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