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  1. Hi, I have old VCR tapes I want to copy to my computer and then burn to DVD. I am using the Roxio VCR to DVD video capture device and the Roxio software. I have an old Magnavox camcorder that I am connecting to pull the VCR tape from.
    The Roxio software is not recognizing the video. No video found.
    The camcorder has two ports for the cable. One white and one yellow svideo. The Roxio adapter has a red, yellow and white connection and another type of connection. I have attached images of the setup.
    Since the camcorder has only a white and yellow that is what I am using. I plug that into the video capture device and then plug the usb adapter for that into my computer. The device is recognized and installed and the software installed properly. But I am not able to get the software to recognize the camcorder or the video. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Roxio is a rebadged Easycap device, aka "Easycrap".

    What you're trying to do will not end well.
    - low end camera for playback, will have quality issues
    - no TBC
    - literally the worst capture USB device that exists, all sorts of problems

    This will never work as you want it. Time to stop doing what you're doing, and learn/read more about video capture. Either at the site, or at
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  3. The yellow RCA connector is not s-video, it's composite video. The white RCA connector is mono audio. Make sure the capture device is set to capture from the composite input, not the s-video input. The black 5-pin connector is for s-video and your camcorder probably doesn't have an s-video output.
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