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  1. I've been using AviSynth for a quite long time. However, it started to have problem after my system was updated. I tried loading my video file using LWLibavVideoSource, but the message shows the function does not exist. None of the filters that I've installed works. I tried reinstalling the program, but the problem remains the same. What's the problem?
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  2. Maybe your autoload plugin directory location got changed ?

    Did you try LoadPlugin to manually specify the location?
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  3. Depending on the L-SMASH-Works binary there are certain dependencies. Try the following L-SMASH-Works build:
    Note that if your "program" is 32 bit you need 32 bit AviSynth and 32 bit L-SMASH-Works. If your "program" is 64 bit you need 64 bit AviSynth and 64 bit L-SMASH-Works.
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  4. Use AVSMeter for troubleshooting.
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  5. I've installed AviSynth in the Local Disc C drive in Program Files (x86). However, I put all my videos in D drive because it allows me to process faster. It used to work when I did that, but now it strangely cannot recognise it. Perhaps AVSMeter does not even work. My alienware is x64 and I have installed as appropriate one.
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