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  1. Hi.

    I've been using MKVToolNix for a while, I know how to add an srt file to an mkv video and create a new file so that the sub file is no longer a separate one. But now I need to do that with about 50 files. Does someone know how to batch remux those files? the mkvs and the srt files already have the same names, I just need to combine them all at once now.

    Thank you.
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  2. Put this (change the path to mkvmerge.exe) in a batch file and put the file in the folder with all you MKV and SRT files. The double click on it. All the new files with the subs muxed in will be in a subfolder called New.

    md New
    for %%F in (*.mkv) do ("G:/Program Files/mkvtoolnix\mkvmerge.exe" --output "New\%%~nF.mkv" "%%~dpnxF" "" )
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  3. It works perfectly! Thank you!!
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