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  1. I get really bad looking (jagged and very hard to read) fonts on the main window (video title, timestamp, etc).

    I am using Direct3D11 as the Skin Control method (General -> Skin Control -> On-screen Control). The fonts look good if I use 'Layered Windows' as the skin control method instead, but that has a lot of other responsiveness issues.

    So, is there a way to improve font rendering in Direct3D11? Or an idea of the differences between these two methods?
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  2. Which skin are you using? I had similar problem with one skin, I guess it was fixed, just not sure if it was fixed in player or in skin.

    Anyway, just checked it again and it's still not perfect, it's better with "Layered Window Mode", try to contact skin author, or PotPlayer author - via email at homepage bottom "contact us".
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  3. Thanks, I'll try that. It's not a particular skin. It's the same with all skins.

    I was using Layered Windows all this time, but after I switched to Windows 10, the PotPlayer window can't be restored after 'Show Desktop' (Win+D) to minimize all windows. So I'm stuck with D3D11.
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  4. It works good here. Anyway, you can report a bug/issue in the official PotPlayer forum, or directly via email.
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