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  1. I have software for it, but I would just like to know what the best way to do so. Because I have a 4K video file in hevc 10bit. It has really nice HDR, but if downscaled it to 1080p would I be able to keep those fantastic color and depth. Should I then just use hevc 10 bit? I would love to be able to maybe play it on my 1080p tv, but I want it to still look the same, but just downscaled to 1080p.

    I use xmedia for downscaling
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  2. i do this with ripbot - re-encode to 1080p - hevc 10bit
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  3. But would the hdr colors and depth look the same?
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  4. only way to find out is to test a sample ( 1 minute) clip
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