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    I'm only on my second attempt to work with Subtitle Edit.

    I have win10. 64bit.

    Subtitle edit 3.5.10

    I want to adjust the titles for 'the american friend'.

    I renamed both the video and the srt with the same name and put them in the same folder.

    Then I opened the srt in SE.

    Got an immediate error message that I needed to install the LAV filters.

    I did that.

    Restarted SE and started again.

    Got the same error.

    Repeated a number of times. Same result.

    I have three LAV things in my apps list: LAV Audio config, LAV splitter config and LAV Video config. I clicked on LAV audio config and nothing happened for a while and then it crashed the machine.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong, how I can fix things?
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  2. Do you want to see the video? If not you can simply turn it off: "Video"->"Show/hide video".

    Otherwise I would recommend mpv. Go into "Options"->"Settings"->"Video player"->"Download mpv lib"->"Download mpv lib"->"ok"->"ok".... Then try to open the srt/video again.
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