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    Hi, I have to film a "shopping channel" style piece with two presenters and am using a Canon 550d and a Canon 600 DSLR for close ups. We have been told by the broadcaster that we need lapel mics to improve the sound. I don't know where to start though. Can anyone point me to a good option?

    I would like the camera to be controlling the mic from the hot shoe so that sound and video are in sync. So i guess that means I need wireless. i will be editing it in Lightworks. I have started to look on Amazon and its a sea of transmitters and receivers that I don't understand. I am not sure if I buy 2 mics will they work together or interfere.

    I am dearly hoping that someone is shooting on a DSLR and has a set up i can copy...

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  2. 1. Use a recorder with the mic (I use a Zoom). Sync the video and audio-only in post using PluralEyes.

    2. Run the label audio into the external mic jack on either the DSLR or, if it doesn't have such a jack (seems unlikely), then run it into one of the other cameras. Run them all at the same time, so you can cut between various shots in post.

    This seems to me to be very basic, so perhaps you are asking something more subtle that I missed.
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