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  1. Have been using Google translator toolkit for month to translate srt files and now i Saw thta it is shutting Down. I still wish to continue my work on the subtitles and wanted to know If there is any site or softare or program that Will is anywhere close to being as good or convenient. Does anyone know of something with similar features?
    And most inportantly, free/open source. Or has reasanoble one time payment. I do not want bind myself up on a monthly fee.
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  2. Have tried it before and its pretty useless. Its nothing like the toolkit, wich mackine translates each line and I can go in an edit it in the program with the original next to it as a comparison. Subtitlecat is just the machine translation without any ability to correct it. And when i prevously have used it, it wouldn't let me do more than 1 file a day so, bummer. Anyone know of a site or program that Will actually do what Google translator toolkit does?
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  3. nothing on the free side..
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  4. Try this site
    Qtranslate is a very good tool
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  5. qtranslate translates few paragraphs at most... not whole subs
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