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  1. As the title says i want to reduce the audio delay/offset step to 1ms instead of 25ms each time i press left or right. I tried to ask in the Kodi forums but no answer and i found out that in "C:\Users\Manuel\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\gui settings.xml" there is this "<audiodelay>-0.292742</audiodelay>" option for the current global offset and it can be changed affecting the current offset. Originally it's in "<audiodelay>-0.000000</audiodelay>" but "0.292742" is the audio delay I'm using right now. So that works


    The option i'm interested in is "<escontinuousdelay default="true">25</escontinuousdelay>". I'm not entirely sure but i'm guessing that's the step option since it goes 25ms by 25ms, but everytime i try to change it to something like:

    "<escontinuousdelay default="true">1</escontinuousdelay>"
    "<escontinuousdelay default="true">01</escontinuousdelay>"

    I even tried setting it to 0.001 or 0.000001 but it has no effect and always resets to 25!
    Please if someone can help me i'd REALLY apreciate it.
    That or just show me how to completely fix audio sync issues.
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  2. You couldn't tell an audio delay of 25ms, much less 1ms. Although I like to be able to delay the audio by +/- the 10ms increments you can set in MPC-HC, there's nothing really wrong with a minimum of +/- 25ms.

    Are you claiming that, for example, you can tell +25ms might not be enough but +50 would be too much? If so, I don't believe you.

    ...or just show me how to completely fix audio sync issues.
    If +/- 25ms is what you have to work with, move it forward or backward until it sounds good to you. Perhaps set it to a sharp noise, such as a gun shot.
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  3. Keep in mind that each frame of a 25 fps video last for 40 ms. A 29.97 fps video has 33ms frames. And film is about ~42 ms per frame. So 1 ms increments aren't necessary.
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  4. I've read the same thing before but i still can tell the difference. I just want to know how to change it by 1 and that's all

    Or if I'm using the wrong terms all i need is for THIS

    to go 0.001 by 0.001 instead of 0.025 by 0.025

    Please I'm desperate
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  5. Maybe it's the <audiodelayrange> tag in the advancedsettings.xml file. If the default is 10 seconds and that results in 25 ms increments, the implication is that there are 400 increments (10000/25). So to reduce the increments to 1 ms you would need to set the range to 0.4 s.
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  6. This is my current advancedsettings file and the option isn't there do i add it?
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  7. Hello it's me again

    I finally fixed this by myself (thankyou very much) using Equalizer APO's Peace Equalizer's delay option!

    All you have to do is install Peace and adjust the delay option using this video

    I got 148.6ms and now Kodi, Youtube, Netflix and ANY video is now perfectly synced
    For some reason when using headphones on Kodi 200ms are added so i also made a 348.6ms preset

    It's also worth mentioning that when watching Amphibia only 8.6 was needed (208.6) with headphones on Kodi
    Maybe because in the batch i got each video is a single episode and normally these cartoons have two chapters each episode
    The Special episodes with two chapters work just fine with 148.6/348.6m though

    As you can see "8.7" was the key whether it's 148.7, 348.7 or just... well, 8.7/208.7 in the case of Amphibia as i mentioned before

    So that's it!

    By using Peace Equalizer's delay option and adjusting it with the video above you'll get perfect sync

    ...MY QUEST IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I just hope all of my STRUGGLE can prove helpful to anyone
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