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  1. I've been experimenting with my setup and doing some test captures, and thought there was a chance some on this forum may like to play along at home. The source is a relatively noisy but fairly stable off-air VHS recording, and the end result is a Lagarith capture via a Hauppauge USB-Live2. But what hardware have I used in between? Well, in the interests of science and impartiality, I'll leave it a little while, and if there's any interest in this thread, I'll give all the details then.

    There follows 10 screenshots - each from a slightly different setup - and attached below that are 10 corresponding video samples for your perusal. (I realise these are big files so this may be overkill, but take your pick.) Each of the samples have been through a "Direct stream copy" in VirtualDub to match their starting point, so they can easily be dropped into the NLE of your choice and compared by eye and with whatever scopes you like. The files are 25fps PAL, 4:3, interlaced (upper field first), YUY2, with no audio.

    Which is your favourite? Any and all observations and opinions will be interesting to read, and I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have.

    Screenshot A
    [Attachment 50136 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot B
    [Attachment 50137 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot C
    [Attachment 50138 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot D
    [Attachment 50139 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot E
    [Attachment 50140 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot F
    [Attachment 50141 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot G
    [Attachment 50142 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot H
    [Attachment 50143 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot I
    [Attachment 50144 - Click to enlarge]

    Screenshot J
    [Attachment 50145 - Click to enlarge]
    Image Attached Files
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    Something wrong with one of the heads on the VCR that recorded this? Even-numbered fields look less noisy. Odds play back with more noise, more halos, more rainbows, more wiggle... The alternation during the crowd shot at the end is fantastic.

    And a minor thing I noticed: at least with some of the files, at the top of the screen, in the middle, there are a few lines with an artifact that alternates between green and magenta every frame.

    Now the meat. Hopefully I didn't typo any of the letters. It was fun, but I should get to bed now, so I can't go any further.


    A, B, J were played back on VCR1, using the composite output.
    - A: heavy rainbows
    - B: minimal rainbows, notable 3D comb filter errors (dots in saturated colors and especially along the head-switching noise)
    - J: tough to tell comb filtering through the diagonal mess

    VCR1 has better dropout compensation than VCR2 (seen at 0:08).

    C, F, H: VCR2 adds halos and a sort of diffuse outline
    D, E, G: VCR2 sharpening increased; more halos, less diffuse-ness
    (VCR1 is not halo-free, mind you.)

    Except for A & B, all of the samples are shifted down 2 lines via added black (1 line per field). E & F have Widescreen Signaling (WSS) added to the first half of analog line 23, which I have seen with samples from PAL LG DVD recorders.

    A, C, D are direct to capture device from VCR: the head-switching area extends all the way from the left to the right edge, which violates analog blanking.

    A, D have wiggles. C has fewer wiggles, so C has VCR TBC on.

    Much less rainbowing with C, D compared to A so I will assume that VCR2's S-Video output has been used.

    F is VCR TBC & DVD recorder TBC both used.
    E is VCR TBC off & DVD recorder TBC used.

    H, I are also VCR TBC on, but I can't guess what's in between the VCR and the capture device.

    G straightens lines below the head-switch point, so VCR TBC is off and a different TBC is used. Panasonic passthrough?

    The frame that's numbered 316 in the others is missing from H, and the complete file is 1 frame shorter.
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