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    Hi community,

    My Elgato Game Capture on my mac was working fine and then I installed the latest update and now instead of showing the externally connected GoPro routed through an Elgato Game Capture HD60 S it shows this infinity desktop screen from my New MacBook Pro:

    [Attachment 50135 - Click to enlarge]

    I have tried the following and nothing has worked so far:
    - turned computer on and off again,
    - re-installed Game Capture software
    - Reconnected the HD60 S

    The settings have also been restored to default and no changes. Does anyone know how to fix the problem?
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    Check your security/privacy preferences. Iirc, the newest last 2? updates greatly increased the bar on what's automatically "allowed", so you now have to explicitly whitelist the cameras, etc.
    Then, you will have a few more input options so you will need to choose your input. Not sure whether that is system-level prefs or program-level.

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