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  1. Hi,

    I occasionally add an additional language track to English movies through MKVtoolnix. Sometimes audio and video need to be synchronized which I do through VLC player. So far so good. But sometimes it happens that a perfectly synchronized movie goes out of sync after playing for some time. Which means while some part of the movie, the portion that I synchronize in the VLC, remains intact, the other parts of the movie go out of sync.

    My guess is that it happens due to the FPS of the video and the speed of the audio track. Do I need to adjust FPS setting of the video or is there any other way out? Please help.

    Thanx a lot in advance
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  2. I don't think anyone has ever had this problem before.
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  3. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    I don't think anyone has ever had this problem before.

    I would be highly surprised if this is the case.

    I once had solved this issue long back, probably with the help of Handbrake I guess,
    but not completely sure how I did that. I need a fresh opinion on this through experts.
    Hope I get it
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    Mixing a PAL and NTSC video/audio? Often times a film that has been transferred to PAL is sped up to 25FPS along with the audio being sped up, from 24fps. While the NTSC version stays nearly the same at 23.976fps.
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  5. There's only about a billion threads here dealing with this subject. Use the search feature.
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