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  1. Hi. Bit of a noob here, so bear with me.

    After reading allot of posts on here, I've got the following setup to capture vhs tapes.

    VCR > Scart Cable > Panasonic DMR-ES10 > Component > Hauppauge HD PVR 2

    With this setup is it best to capture with progressive scan turned on, on the ES10?

    The reason im asking is, that when i turn progressive scan on, it seems to output at 720x576p 16:9 at 50fps

    It keeps the 16:9 aspect ratio even if i set the tv setting to 4:3.

    I would really like to keep the aspect ratio as close to 4:3 as possible. Which is does when i turn off the progressive scan, where it outputs at 720x576i 4:3 also at 50 fps.

    Apart from Noise Reduction, which is set to off, are there any other important setting is should be aware of?

    Please help
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    Don't do that.
    Do not capture VHS with an HD card. You're making problems for yourself.

    Also don't deinterlace the signal for capture, it will screw up quality. (aka progressive scan)
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  3. Can you elaborate on why not to use the Hauppauge HD PVR 2? I honestly just want to learn. As far as I can see, it just captures whatever resolution the ES10 outputs?

    Thank you for letting me know about progressive scan. But I should deinterlace the video in software instead? If it isn’t deinterlacing when I set progressive scan to off, why is it still 50fps? The source is 25 fps.
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  4. Yeah leave progressive scan output off. The built-in deinterlacing is not great. I believe it is posslbe to set the output aspect ratio in the menus somewhere though if needed.

    To get interlaced video you may have to change some settings in the capture application as well.

    An issue with capturing from analog video with this and many other (but not all) of these gamer cards is that they can only capture directly to lossily compressed h.264 video (as far as I know). The video analog to digital chip is hooked directly into an encoder chip. This is okay and often convenient when say capturing 1080p60 game footage from HDMI, but not ideal for noisy VHS tapes, especially if you are planning to do any post-processing or editing. Compression artifacts make noise filtering much more difficult and you will suffer generational loss when editing.
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