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  1. I have a DVD with several episodes of a television show I'm replacing the audio/putting subs on but after I've replaced the pgc and exporting from VobBlanker, it gives me a warning "Number of Cells higher in replacing title. Extending last cell" This seems to be messing with the chapters because when I playback the disc, there are chapters that have doubled up (when you press "next" they just start the chapter over) and there are a few towards the end of the video that are no longer there. The Disc also contains an option to watch the show without Intro/Outro themes and the chapters on that playlist are completely out of place, but this is less important to me.

    Vobblanker lists the video's duration at 2:27:58, but the video I've demuxed from the disc is slightly longer at 2:28:07, not sure if that discrepancy is what's causing this.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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  2. I'd suggest the number of cells after match the number of cells before. When you demuxed originally (using PGCDemux, I presume), you got a celltimes.txt, didn't you? And didn't you use it when reauthoring with Muxman to replace the audio and add the subs?

    Or did you do it a different way?
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  3. Yes, I demuxed with PGCDemux and put it back together with the celltimes.txt in Muxman. What do you mean by your first sentence though? I've tried including the "end time" option for the celltimes.txt as well, Muxman doesn't like that and returns an error.
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  4. Originally Posted by BoomerJuice View Post
    I've tried including the "end time" option for the celltimes.txt as well, Muxman doesn't like that and returns an error.
    Just make sure that end time is something like 40 frames less than the total frame count. Save the celltimes.txt with the end time and afterwards lower the end time frame number. Then try it in Muxman again.
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  5. Okay so I tried editing the frame number and VobBlanker returned the same warning, then I decided to test without the new audio to see if that was what's causing it and VobBlanker returned the same warning, again producing a disc with some incorrect chapters. Maybe it has something to do with that no intro/outro playlist? I've read DVDs containing alternate cuts can cause chapter select issues after replacing PGCs but I'm not sure that really applies here since it's just one video file. I'm starting to think about extracting the menus and authoring a whole new disc with those instead if I can't find a solution to this. Thank you for your help by the way.
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  6. After I wrote the last reply I was thinking the same as you - that even getting the celltimes.txt straightened out might not fix the problem. I was beginning to think it might have angles (the alternate cuts you mentioned) which are often hell to work with.

    I'm starting to think about extracting the menus and authoring a whole new disc with those instead...
    That's probably what I'd do, too. This assumes you're comfortable working with a menu creation program. You can use the same menu backgrounds, if you wish. I often do similar things using DVDAuthorGUI, but there are other programs for this as well.
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  7. Well I've never created a menu from an existing menu before, only completely custom ones, and this one has an intro animation, animation while in the menu, and then another animation when you make a selection. I'm not sure if DVDAuthorGUI or DVDStyler can handle that but I could have just not given them enough time to figure out. I do have Adobe Encore though, I'll probably try that.
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  8. Animated menus are more difficult and if you've never worked with menus before, you might want to still them for your first attempt. Here's a guide I created for the process once upon a time:

    It may not apply to what you want to do. If you intend just to use the menu backgrounds and have the menu program create new buttons and new simple menu commands, then the guide might not be too useful.

    Intros and outros can be kept by adding them afterwards using the function for that in PGCEdit (Title->Import first play (startup) clip/Import title's intro clip/Import title's closing clip). If you want to. I might consider them extraneous but I've done similar before.
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