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  1. Hello everyone. Newbie here, apologies in advance if the question is stupid.

    I only occasionally do simple video edits. I have had some (pretty horrible) experience with OpenShot, and now a little more with VSDC.

    There is one task that I need perform often. I know how to do it in VSDC in one way, but it is a bit unwieldy for me, and I am looking for a better way. Ideally in VSDC, but if it is easily doable in another free editor, I could consider switching.

    So I have a few longish video clips recorded in parallel, as if 3-4 cameras filming the same scene from different vantage points each in one long continuous shot.

    I want the edited video to switch between those cameras at points I chose.

    I know that in VSDC I can put the long clips each in a different layer, in sync, and then cut them at switch points. Then I can either move the resulting segments between layers, or delete unnecessary segments if they are in top layers, so that one of the segments in bottom layers shows up, or apply 100% transparency to segments in top layers.

    But this cutting takes a lot of time, and also interactive work (.e., adjusting, going back and forth) is a pain. I mean, if I watch the result and decide I want a segment from layer 2 not 3 here, or I want this switch to be made 0.7 seconds earlier, it's quite a lot of work.

    What I imagine would work best for me are some kind of markers that would tell the renderer to start using layer x from this time on and ignore other layers until next marker. Then I could move these markers around to change the timing of switches, or quickly change the x value of a marker to use a different layer in this spot.

    Is something like that possible in VSDC? Or in another quality but free (or cheap) editor? Any help or pointers very appreciated.
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  2. ....see below
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  3. You want multicam editing. Resolve is the only free software I'm aware of that does it well. (Possibly Lightworks too, though you'll end up paying SOMETHING.) The question is whether your machine is powerful enough to run it. You can compare your specs at Blackmagic.

    You may want to look into proxy workflows to make it smoother.
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  4. Thank you.

    I am a bit surprised that this is such a unique feature, especially that conceptually, at least if done in the way I described it and I would use it, it seems not much different from the cut-and-move-between-layers technique that I described, just that cutting and moving is done behind the scenes by the software before final render, and is reversible.

    Anyway, my specs seem to be too low for Resolve; I have a decent GPU with 8GB and an i7, but it's an oldish i7 and I have only 8 GB RAM. Also only HDDs of enough space to handle video, though maybe I can used my system SSD for some caching. Maybe I'll give it a shot anyway. I can wait for renders if necessary

    Lightworks Pro is far too expensive for what I am ready to spend on these projects, but maybe it will be doable with the Free version. But resolution up to 720p is not what I would be satisfied with.

    Thanks again for the pointers.
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  5. I made a quick test in Resolve and it worked just fine.

    I only used 2 angles and just switched to them several times, added a transition and a subtitle, but everything worked perfectly. So I guess even my machine will be able to deal with maybe up to 4-5 angles plus a few simple effects like transitions.

    I actually find Resolve easier to work with for a complete noob than VSDC, it's just more intuitive. Plus a 3,000-page manual is right there.

    Very helpful.

    Thank you very much.
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  6. Originally Posted by PawelK View Post
    I made a quick test in Resolve and it worked just fine.

    That's great. VDSC is powerful, but it's sui generis in terms of its workflow. Resolve is more mainstream and is pushing very hard to be the NLE of choice among up and coming pros. I personally prefer Avid for editing, but Resolve is a master at pro-format transcoding and color correction.
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