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  1. I have both a DVD and a Blu-Ray and the Blu-Ray is so much more dark. Entire things are gone or crushed from the darkness levels it looks like to me.

    Is there anything I can do to this Blu-Ray source to help get some of the visibility back? I don't expect to be able to get it all, but some would be nice.

    Here are some screenshot comparisons.
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  2. The process of converting YUV video to RGB images will crush superblacks between Y=0 and Y=16. So you need to provide video samples to determine if there are superblacks in the video that can be restored. But given how much is crushed at RGB=0 in the images, you probably won't be able to restore all the darks. As a quick test try this:

    Do you see any details in the dark areas?

    Of if the Blu-ray source is full range rather than limited range:
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  3. Some things seem to be more visible and while that is definitely too bright with those settings, it did make several things more visible. I can actually see much more on the top balcony now. I can see a wooden railing for the stairs that I didn't even notice until doing this test.

    The really dark blacks however, such as on the suit are still just a solid black unlike with the DVD which has lines and grey on it as well.

    Again it seems to help quite a bit here as well. The really dark areas in the background center are still gone unlike with the DVD's, but Things did get more visible overall.

    Getting most of that visible while not having an over bright white tint all over would be great. It may not be all of the detail the DVD has, but it is a definite improvement!
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  4. The point of the extreme gamma change was to make it very obvious if there was any detail in the dark areas. They weren't meant as the values for correcting them.

    Use Histogram() or VideoScope() to check for superblacks and superbrights.
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  5. I'm not having much luck with this Jagabo and I have fooled around with it a bit. I can only get it to have way too much white or contrast.

    Here is a sample clip, I'm betting you can do better than my attempt.!Fp51kSRa!URMABXr4zBZZGf4iEtM8TLNElEuny5iS_5IIpM0oL6Q
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  6. Was that clip reencoded? There are no superblacks or superwhites. Everything is crushed at 16 at the low end 235 at the high end. Try something like:

    to bring out some dark details. But there are no superblacks to enhance.
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  7. I checked my Vudu and iTunes digital copies and they look WAY better. That super dark image is not an issue at all in those and they look great!

    I guess the company just screwed up their Blu-Ray release or something. Judging by what I saw in the digital copies, I will not even be able to come close to getting this Blu-Ray video to look even remotely as good or recovering that lost information in the video. Even when brightened with your first suggestion to where I saw a lot more and it was too white, it's still not showing everything visible in the digital copies.

    I guess I should just pass on this one.

    Thanks for your time and help!
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