Hey guys and gals,
Using my new 4k camcorder it offers 25p and 60 or 100Mbps, I am on 60, hope thats ok.
Wishing to play the edited footage on the PC monitor and I do see a difference , you dont need a 4K monitor ! or if you had one then wow ! but I find mine shows 4K and whilst its not 4k it sure looks better than HD. I thus wonder if a HD tv would also show 4K and better than HD ?

My question, I am wondering what project settings should I choose for editing my footage in the likes of vegas or davinci to play it back to PC monitor from the PC ? ....or the HD tv if I had a long enough hdmi cable, else get a laptop next to it.

Would the project settings also suffice if I were to burn it to bluray ?

naive question if I were to make a HD project do I still burn to bluray ? Was DVD-R purely for SD ?