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  1. My current workspace is optimized for VO recording, portrait photo editing, and web browsing, with a single VERTICAL monitor. Soon I will have to start regular editing on a long term project, and Im thinking the vertical monitor setup may actually be better for that as wellIF I can arrange the Davinci layout how I want; Id love to have the Project frame full-width at the top of the screen, then the Clip frame full-width below it (or vice-versa), then timeline and other windows arranged below. Fullscreen check can be done later or on another monitor.

    Is this possible with a Davinci or any NLE? I cant check myself because for now my desktop has only integrated graphics still so Davinci refuses to install on it.

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  2. You won't like Resolve on a vertical screen -- its layout is not very customizable. Premiere and Avid are far more flexible that way. (Probably Vegas too, but I don't have it any more to try.)
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  3. Looks like in Premiere CS6 I can float and rearrange windows in some fashion for my 16X10 vertical monitor. So you can't detach windows at all in Resolve?

    Click image for larger version

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  4. AFAIK the only window that currently floats in Resolve is the scopes window. (They seem to have a new version every few days, so keep watching the left hand column on this site. --And yes, Vegas will do what you want as well.)
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