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  1. Is there a code for it with avisinth+

    Because I really like how santiag corrects the lines.
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  2. I geuss not
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  3. I saw Santiag.avsi in Staxrip's AVS plugins folder. Maybe you can import it and call it in your script with the program's "edit code" feature. Did you try the other antialiasing filters?
    Last edited by jagabo; 3rd Sep 2019 at 15:38.
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  4. Which code am I suppose to put in. Is there a specific code for santiag for Avisynth. Because I can't get it to work
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  5. On my computer I just put Santiag.avsi in the AviSynth+ plugins64+ folder and added Santiag() in the script in StaxRip.
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