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  1. Hi everyone. I was trying to find help for a particular user issue with aegisub, but it seems their forums are down. Maybe someone here can lend a little hand ?
    The question is : is there any shortcut or quick way to edit the "actor" column when subtitling ?
    I used to work on txt for translation work, and type "Actor1 : Dialog, dialog", then convert it to .ass and the actor column was filled, without my fingers leaving the keyboard.
    But I've been asked to work directly on pretimed .ass files and when working on large files, 300 lines or so, it gets very tiring to use the mouse to edit the actor item everytime...
    If anyone has an idea...
    Thanks for your help !
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  2. I am PLEABS
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    short answer, there is no shortcut key on aegisub to jump to actor column, but you can open ASS subtitle with any text editor including windows "notepad", my suggestion is to use "notepad++"
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  3. Thanks, it don't think it would help because It means I would have to constantly check the timing while subtitling and this would be as slow as clicking the actor column. But that's a lead at least...
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