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  1. Hello.

    I have no idea where to post or who to turn to with this request for help.

    A bunch of friends and my wife and I were in a local bar in a Mexican town that we spend time in a couple years back. It was one of the best nights of all the times we spent there. Had a blast listening to a young Mexican university band. An old friend of mine (age wise) got up with his harmonica and joined the kids rocking it out on stage. It wasn't but a few minutes after he got off stage he fell down the stairs and, well....he didn't make it. He died LOVING what he was doing....playing music.

    The video for what ever reason is not playable. I don't get it! Other videos from that night are.

    Friends and especially his family would love to see the video of his last minutes with us.

    Can ANYONE who knows something about this stuff help?

    Below is a link for anyone who thinks they can help.
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    .MOV and .MP4 files are fairly notorious for becoming unplayable when there was a saving error, with the header information being stored at the end of the file. So if it runs out of room or the camera shuts off before saving it becomes unplayable. I've never attempted to restore a broken .MOV but it usually involves looking at a playable video and copying over a good header to the broken file. If you post a short .MOV file from the same camera that's playable, it might speed things up.
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  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I do have some other videos from the same night on the same phone.

    Here is the link to the folder with other working videos.

    These will be meaningless to others but if you can get the one working it will mean the world to his family.

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  4. Remo Repair Mov can fix it using one of the good files:

    [Attachment 49973 - Click to enlarge]

    There's a trick you can use to get the repaired video without a license. Install the program and start it. Open a good file and the bad file. Repair the video. Before exiting the program use Explorer to go to the program folder "C:\Program Files\Remo Repair Move 2.0". In that folder you will see a folder called $tp. In that folder is a file called That's you're repaired video. Copy or move it elsewhere.
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    Hey Redsierra,

    I had a credit at Restore.Media and managed to recover your video with this tool. You can download it here:
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  6. Guys thanks SOOOOO much!

    This cheesy Mexican evening will mean a lot to Arvidís family back in Canada!

    I really really appreciate it!
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