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  1. While extracting subtitles from an IFO using VSRip I, for some discs, get "bad packet header found" endlessly and no subtitle can be extracted. However, when I load that IFO+VOB in Handbrake, it has no problem retrieving the subtitle tracks. Why is this happening? Is there another tool (preferably with CLI) that can be used to extract IDX/SUB subtitles?
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  2. I usually use VobSub Configure to extract VobSubs. Use the dropdown arrow beside 'VobSub files' to be able to choose the IFO and VOBs.

    I know nothing about whether or not it's available as CLI.
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  3. VobSub gives me the same "bad packet header" error message unfortunately.
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    If you don't do NTSC field processing you can forget about VSRip and VobSub altogether and use MakeMKV and mkvextract instead, it's much easier and more reliable.
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