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  1. I'm copying the DV-files from a Sharp miniDV camcorder to a Windows 7 PC through 4 pin Firewire.

    In Scenalyzer (sclive) I get the error message:

    *** Error:cc:can't connect: 345

    I cannot capture. Sometimes it's possible to control the camcorder (start playing) from Scenalyzer - but only ONCE - after that the controls don't function any more. It only shows the pause key now and then. I've attached a screenshot.

    The legacy IEEE 1394 is installed in Windows 7. As seen in the screenshot it chooses "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" in Screenalyzer, which should be OK.

    I can get WinDV to work - now and then. It worked at first, then I closed it down, then I couldn't get it to work. It reported ""cant find DV output pin"". But after trying everything for hours, suddenly it worked again (don't know why), and now I don't want to turn neither WinDV nor the camcorder off, till I've got all my tapes digitized. In WinDV it also chooses "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR". I also upload a screenshot from WinDV for your information.

    I somehow feel that Scenalyzer would be more stable - if just I could get it to work - and it also has more options than WinDV.
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  2. I got a new camcorder. That solved the problem. So it was probably either a hardware fault or the driver for the camcorder that was the culprit.
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