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  1. Hello to everyone... I am a looong time computer user, but i guess a newbie at video playback.

    I have been using mpc-hc all my life. Simple, Portable, etc.

    I was very pleased to see it maintained in here even though it is not on the original website.

    I am starting to play HDR and 4K content on my Oled TV and I am getting very dull picture with mpc-hc.

    Is there a way to enable the HDR/4K content to be beautiful like in mpv ?

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    There is another recent thread on the subject of 4K UHD playback. Part of it references MPC-HC. See
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    Pls consider acquiring a genuine "premium certified" HDMI 2.0b cable, you can pick them up off amazon for circa $20ish eg qualgear or something.
    "Premium certified" really is a thing.
    Dodgy brothers chinese cheapy HDMI cables flogged by an office boy who says it's good and they're all the same ... hmmmm.
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