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  1. Hi everyone, I write with the translator because I'm an Italian so I apologize if I'm wrong.
    is it possible to download the mpd video from this page?
    When I try to analyze the manifest file, I get this link: which I think is the Manifest file.
    I tried to download the video with ffmpeg using the command: ffmpeg -i "" -codec copy prova.mp4 and this is the result:

    [Attachment 49940 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 49941 - Click to enlarge]

    Then I opened the video with vlc and it gives me this:

    [Attachment 49937 - Click to enlarge]

    I decided to use the Bento4 tool to try to decrypt the mp4 file but I can't find the "Default_KID" key to decrypt the video. This is what gives me the analysis of the video "prova.mp4" using the command: mp4info --verbose prova.mp4

    [Attachment 49942 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 49943 - Click to enlarge]

    major brand: isom
    minor version: 200
    compatible brand: isom
    compatible brand: iso2
    compatible brand: avc1
    compatible brand: mp41
    fast start: no

    duration: 3020758 ms
    time scale: 1000
    fragments: no

    Found 2 Tracks
    Track 1:
    flags: 3 ENABLED IN-MOVIE
    id: 1
    type: Video
    duration: 3020680 ms
    language: und
    sample count: 75405
    timescale: 12800
    duration: 38664704 (media timescale units)
    duration: 3020680 (ms)
    bitrate (computed): 1592.571 Kbps
    display width: 1024.000000
    display height: 576.000000
    frame rate (computed): 24.963
    Sample Description 0
    Bytes: 00000000000000010000000000000000000000000000000004 0002400048000000480
    00000000000000100000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000
    018ffff000000366176634301640028ffe1001a67640028acd 94040049b011000000300100000030
    320f183196001000568ebecb22cfcf8f800000000107061737 00000000100000001
    Coding: avc1 (H.264)
    Width: 1024
    Height: 576
    Depth: 24
    AVC Profile: 100 (High)
    AVC Profile Compat: 0
    AVC Level: 40
    AVC NALU Length Size: 4
    AVC SPS: [67640028acd94040049b011000000300100000030320f18319 60]
    AVC PPS: [68ebecb22c]
    Codecs String: avc1.640028
    Track 2:
    flags: 3 ENABLED IN-MOVIE
    id: 2
    type: Audio
    duration: 3020758 ms
    language: und
    sample count: 70800
    timescale: 48000
    duration: 144996352 (media timescale units)
    duration: 3020757 (ms)
    bitrate (computed): 64.001 Kbps
    Sample Description 0
    Bytes: 000000000000000100000000000000000002001000000000bb 8000000000002a65736
    47300000000031c000000041440150000000000fecf0000fa0 00505131056e598060102
    Coding: mp4a (MPEG-4 Audio)
    Stream Type: Audio
    Object Type: MPEG-4 Audio
    Max Bitrate: 65231
    Avg Bitrate: 64000
    Buffer Size: 0
    Codecs String: mp4a.40.5
    MPEG-4 Audio Object Type: 2 (AAC Low Complexity)
    MPEG-4 Audio Decoder Config:
    Sampling Frequency: 24000
    Channels: 2
    Object Type: Spectral Band Replication
    SBR Present: yes
    PS Present: no
    Sampling Frequency: 48000
    Sample Rate: 48000
    Sample Size: 16
    Channels: 2
    Would any of you know how to help me? I would like to understand if it is possible to proceed and how to proceed. Thank you
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  2. Need access.
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  3. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    Need access.
    it is a free site and credentials can be easily created. I'm already registered. Can anything be done?
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  4. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    Can I send you a PM?
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  5. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    Can you explain me how to do it?
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  6. So...what is the solution? Is it possible to download and see the video offline? Thx
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  7. Need access.
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