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  1. I've tested some out in the preview screen and it's quite hard to pick which does the best job.

    Is there one which is specially good?

    I have two videos I need it for. One which only needs a tiny bit of anti-aliasing. Then there is one which has a lot of uneven edges and is in desperate need for a strong aliasing filter.
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  2. There is no "best" .

    You have to try different ones, different settings - because what is "ideal" for one video, might not be ideal for another .

    For example, you wouldn't use the same filter or settings for the video that needs a "tiny bit" compared to the one that needs a strong filter

    It also depends if there is a temporal component or not (shimmering between frames); many filters are spatial only

    And there might be better options you can use through an avs script that you can import into staxrip
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