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  1. So, this is kind of a sad story, since Disney stop releasing blu-ray's in Portugal and focus only on DVD's, and I wanted to have their movies in high quality.
    Then I thought, I can take the audio and subtitles of the DVD release of Portugal, and add it to a foreign blu-ray release, but it looks like no one knows how to do so, can anybody help me? I've been searching how to do this during the whole year, and I can't find any tutorial or program that might help.

    I want to extract the Portuguese audio and subtitles from the DVD release of Portugal, and add these in a foreign blu-ray release while keeping the menu, scenes and extras. Thanks
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  2. while keeping the menu, scenes and extras
    Not possible.

    Once you start adding audio/subtitle to a Blu-ray you loose menus etc.

    So you have two choises:

    - You can make a .mkv and add the audio/subtitle
    - You can start by creating your own menus and construct (author) a njew Blu-ray disc

    See also
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    Unfortunately, replacing or adding audio tracks or subtitles to Blu-ray while keeping all the menus is not an easy task and you can't truly edit and replace the menus as is possible with DVD. Also, you need to be aware that sometimes the timing for audio and subtitles as well as the actual content on Blu-ray discs and/or DVDs produced for two different countries is not exactly the same.

    There is a guide about replacing/adding subtitles here see DVD subtitles (SUP) and Blu-ray subtitles (PGS format) are different graphical formats. It isn't possible to simply substitute one for the other. SubRip can convert DVD subtitles to SRT subtitles, which are needed for the guide.

    Honestly, it would be much easier to forget about keeping the menus and just rip your Blu-rays to MKV format with MakeMKV, then use MKVToolnixGUI to replace the subtitles and audio. SRT would still be a better choice for the subtitles.
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