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  1. Most BBC world service podcasts have a download button but not so for "Why Woodstock still matters"(screen1). Have no problem to listen to the audio stream.

    Have tried 4K YouTube to MP3 but get error message unknown site (screen2).
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  2. mpd url found with a browser's Developer Tools (F12). Use youtube-dl to download:
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  3. youtube-dl --no-part " 1566945261&h=b78fd735e1535681825d24d71dd139ea"
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  4. jagabo & LZAA You are dealing with a Beginner for all this.


    1. "mpd url" what does this mean? Do know url is "the address of a World Wide Web page" mpd??? so Googled and #1 was for surveying so scrolled down and found "
    MPD (music player daemon) is an audio player that has a server-client architecture." am guessing this is it.

    2. Can I use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera as browser? What do you consider is the best for this?

    3. Why did you each have different codes?


    LZAA 1566945261&h=b78fd735e1535681825d24d71dd139ea
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  5. If you look at the link in my post you'll see it points a a file whose name ends in .mpd: "". That file is an MPEG Dash playlist. The audio (or audio and video) isn't streamed as one file, it's streamed as many small files. The playlist is essentially a list of all those files (or instructions on how to build the list). The part of the URL past the question mark "__gda__=1566944773_6e03c50b0c8dc79ae7b2e9b245b2c6 12" is a password of sorts. The server requires that password before it lets the browser access the mpd file. It changes every few minutes to prevent exactly what's going on here -- someone posting a link that everybody in the world can use to download the audio/video. You need to get a fresh password to download the audio file(s). Sometimes the URL changes too.

    You can get a fresh URL/password using a web browser's Developer Tools. That can be accessed in most browser by pressing F12 on the keyboard. On the Network tab of the Developer tools window is a list of all the files the browser is accessing. Reload the page and play the audio. In that list of files will be the mpd url (from Firefox, mpd highlighted):

    [Attachment 49945 - Click to enlarge]

    You can right click on it an select Copy URL (terminology varies a bit depending which browser you're using). There are other ways to get the URL too. For example the plugin "The Stream Detector" for Firefox will show the link.

    Now you can use the command line program youtube-dl.exe to download via that mpd link (as was shown in my earlier post). There are GUI front ends for youtube-dl so you don't need to learn how to use command line programs. There are other command line programs that can download via mpd links, ffmpeg, streamlink, etc.
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  6. For bbc world service audio that is available only in aac (no mp3 is available), you can use a stable dash url with youtube-dl. All that is required is the vpid.

    youtube-dl.exe ""
    If you can't manage to use or install youtube-dl, but you can at least muster an installation of vlc, you can also use a stable hls url with vlc.

    Following these instructions, open the following url as a network stream, and save to a file as described in the instructions.

    Last edited by ponens; 28th Aug 2019 at 14:14.
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  7. By the way, the video is a good retrospective. Thanks for pointing it out.
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  8. Originally Posted by KermitJ View Post
    Most BBC world service podcasts have a download button but not so for "Why Woodstock still matters".
    Originally Posted by KermitJ View Post
    It appears that today a page was added for this particular podcast program that does have a download button;
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  9. ponens Thanks for mentioning the 2nd url. A friend also noticed this yesterday so I tried both urls and both are working (Screens 1 & 2) Confusing or is this typical for BBC?
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