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  1. Originally Posted by oln View Post
    Yup, made a little progress on NTSC color today. I spent way to long not realizing that the color under frequencies of PAL and NTSC are not the same, but now that I accounted for that the phase of the color signal was as expected. Still needs way more work to look good though.
    Awesome work as usual! Hopefully someone who can code will come along to help. Your time spent on this is much appreciated by everyone here.

    Originally Posted by dellsam34 View Post
    If there is a time where this project could have a big boost to materialize it is now where everyone is indoor due this pandemic.
    Agreed, I'm working from home for the foreseeable future. I had to get my VCR and stuff off my desk so I'm glad I got some captures I can do test decodes with now.
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  2. I built the latest source and did a decode, but the output tbc file is equivalent from the previous source. Is there a flag I need to use to decode chroma?
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