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Is there some sort of straight forward tutorial for this? I'd love to try it, but I have no idea where to start. Also, would the RF hookup allow me to get the tape path alignment perfect? I messed with it a few years ago trying to fix a tracking issue, and have never been able to get it to 100% perfect.
A while ago someone posted the series of terminal commands needed from start to finish, but I can't find that post now. The best thing I can recommend is start about 10 pages back and read each post, it's a slow and tedious read but it explains the full history of what has already been tried and what works and doesn't. Here's a post that may help:


Zcooger, I found this video by random chance and noticed your comments about vhs-decode. Considering the apparent "anything on tape" scope of this project is anyone interested in implementing PXL-2000 support? It's a "toy" camera that records in a LBTV format onto audio cassettes at about 16.875 inches per second, with a theoretical video bandwidth of about 200KHz (9x the playback rate and bandwidth of 12KHz). His video demonstrates a played back section of a single frame (slowed down to what I assume is 44100Hz) and he calculated and showed various signal timing for sync, etc. That would be a just for kicks thing, as it has literally no application and source material available in 2021.