I'm using vdub just to capture and watch the VHS on my PC, but the picture stutters and freezes for a seconds all time. I've also used powerDirector were the picture seems to stream fine, the problem there is the picture is too small, so I've switched to vdub.

Is there anything I can do in the settings to get the picture to run more smoothly? Like I said it runs fine in another program so I don't think it's my PC is too weak. Intel duo 2.3 3bg RAM, Intel Q35 express chipset (it is an old PC but for video it should be fine)

Don't care about capture quality (for now), I just wanna watch the tapes.

Also there this weird, like tiny little lines on the edges of everything, I think it's something to do with 'interlacing' but not sure how to fix that, like were in all the pull down menus . Any ideas?

Thanks for any feedback.