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    I've been researching all the how to guides for audio sync fixing that I could find. I found a guide using Media Player Classic and adjusting the audio delay. I have a AVI that I ripped and has several points with different syncing errors. I figure I can find the first out of sync instance and determine the delay time in MPC , then move on to the next and so on and note them down. Then I would split the original AVI using those adjustment time points as the start/end points for the split --> then take each AVI segment and adjust the audio delay in MPC and lastly join them all together again. I have Boilsoft's AVI-MPG-ASF-WMV splitter and joiner software. I type in the exact time stamps to rejoin all the segments, but when I view the complete AVI, the movie skips, I guess is the best way to describe it, when it passes the joined timestamps.

    Kind of like even though I enter the exact time to start the split, the program keeps a mili-mili second of video before the time that I typed in resulting in that skip on the final. It seems to be doing this. I want it to start the split 01:12:03:004, but it actually splits at: 01:12:03:002 and that difference causes a slight jump in the final compiled edit. Is there a program(s) that is super precise in actually splitting and joining at the exact time I give it. I think that this method works for me pretty well if I can get the skips out.


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  2. Ignore the jumps in the video in the edit. Just use the audio. Remux the new audio with the original video.
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  3. Video is frame-based, not millisecond based. 25fps video can not be trimmed more tightly than 40 milliseconds (or 0.04 seconds)

    edit: as jagabo says, you can cut the audio more tightly, but must match the overall length to the video changes.
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  4. Boilsoft doesn't claim to be frame-accurate with the splitting, so I'll assume it can cut only at GOP boundaries. Since GOP boundaries might be up to 10 seconds apart or so, trying to cut the video is a very bad idea, leading to the jumps you noticed. Take jagabo's advice and work only with the audio.

    I want it to start the split 01:12:03:004, but it actually splits at: 01:12:03:002...
    You wouldn't notice a thing if there were really only a 2/1000th difference. What you're saying simply is not true. And, as smrpix mentioned, since PAL 25fps video frames last for 40 milliseconds, it's impossible to cut with millisecond accuracy.
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