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  1. Hi,

    I have been using a SONY CCD-TR650E PAL Hi8 camcorder with an RCA cable and connecting it through the EasyCap AV to USB converter to my Windows 10 computer. When capturing the Hi8 tape, the footage has horizontal, alternating purple and green lines instead of the normal colour. There are sometimes short (0.1 sec) sequences where the colour returns, but for the most part, it remains as seen here:

    Everything else is fine - the audio syncs up nicely and the footage is not generally of bad quality.
    The things I have tried:
    • I have used the colour threshold option in VLC - this removes the lines, but it also means I can only watch the footage in black and white (this is probably what I will apply to the footage if I cannot solve the issue)
    • Using different compression methods in virtualdub, changing the audio codec (? not sure if right word), applying de-interlacing in VLC, honestly I have tinkered with everything I can tinker with, I think.
    • I have also tried playing the footage back on my phone to see if it was my computer monitor, but the issue was still present.
    • Changing the tape - this does not work.
    • Using a cleaning casette. This also did not work. I think it may have made the footage look a bit more crisp, actually, but I would not know for sure.

    I am considering maybe getting an S-video cable and trying it that way? Do you think it would change the footage?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Cheesemess,

    I'm having a similar issue and was wondering if you ever got to a solution. Same EasyCap AV to USB device as well. I've even tried it using OSB but still same issue. Funny thing is the display on my Sony TRV46E shows the picture perfect with no lines and good colour.

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  3. I had a similar problem and find a solution. It is a pal, secam or ntsc system confusion after the memory battery in camcorder run flat. Refresh the memory battery and reenter location settings from menu or select as appropriate.
    It will do it.. I hope.
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    That indeed looks like a rotten cheese mess. Anyway, That's a standard issue on a PAL camcorder, were the tapes recorded in PAL60, MESECAM or an NTSC tape ?
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