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  1. Hi,

    i want to download all segemnt files m4s from mpd url and convert them to MP4, i tried ffmpeg, streamlink, youtube-dl, aria2c..... but i couldn't

    MPD File of the episode :

    and it has many segments m4s like:

    i am just asking about how to download the segment files, not how to decrypt the Drm of files, i hope this is not against the rules of forum

    thank you
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  2. i tried that too, but nothing
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  3. i am just asking about how to download the segment files
    This - NeuLion

    # NeuLion Adaptive Streaming Server Version: 4.3.20190416.24856

    [tcp @ 00a96d80] Connection to tcp:// failed: Error number -138 occurred
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  4. sysanin, i didn't understand what are you saying, witch program can download all segments
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  5. All of the dash segments can be downloaded by...

    downloading all of the dash segments.

    If dash-proxy doesn't work, it can be done with a batch file or a batch downloader, downloading all of the segments for the quality desired.

    Or, even just one segment at a time manually.

    The video and audio are separate, so if you want both, you'll have to download the segments for each one.

    They are made into a single mp4 file by appending them all together (init segment followed by all of the sequential segments).

    Once you have done that, you will have a single encrypted mp4 (or one of each for the video and audio) that you probably won't be able to do anything with. But you will have it!
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