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  1. Looking for photo and video organizer with modern look for Windows 10. (can be separate apps)
    Now using mostly for photos Eagle app. Eagle - A design library to fuel your best work (dont support all types i will wish like MKV)
    For my videos i use EazyFlix Pix Media Organizer. EazyMojo - Innovative Software And Web Solutions (Software is no longer developed and miss some features)

    I think some modern DAM software will be nice but they are mostly for bussines and cost too much and have monthly payment.

    I dont want media center like Kodi

    I search all software section but cant find anything.

    What i want :
    nice modern look
    tag ability
    info panel
    thumbnails on folders
    option to customize it
    count of files
    price under 100 usd

    Thank you for suggestions.
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  2. My video organizer allows me to id the ThumbNail in the FileName.
    The start point, duration, speed, repreat, freeze and more.
    Using extra long file names for thumbnails and the geo-location
    Most video has a special segment.. Use those 2 or 3 seconds as the thumbnail.

    brown bear beside seacrest road 4914'14.7"N 11934'12.9"W 20190522113734.mpg
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