Hello everyone!

I am really frustrated

I retested my LGP2 to record the Video of my Sony Alpha 5100.

And wow, at first it worked really well. I had quite a great video quality while recording.

Then RECentral crashed (happens so often :/ ).
I couldnt get it to work again.
So I thought, maybe I should update all LGP2 firmware. (GC510_3.0.0.16)

After that, everything went wrong....

I had so many bugs, crashed and problems since then.
But what drives me really crazy is the drop in the video quality.

First: in the PC-free mode, before the update, the LGP2 recorded at around 20 mbit/s.
After the update it now only records in around 7 mbit/s. Albeit I set the quality in RECentral for PC-free to high.

But the real bummer is:

In PC-Mode I get totally crap video quality now. Its so blurry and although RECentral records at e.g 60mbit/s, the quality looks like 2mbit/s.
I changed and tested quite a few different settings, but still:

After the firmware update everything is broken. Now I can't use the LGP2 for what I wanted in the first place (the quality is to low).

Also I wasn't able to downgrade the firmware update (the LGP2 just doesn't update, when I put the old update-file in the update-folder on the sd-card).

So my questions now are:

1) Is there a way to downgrad the firmwar of the LPG2?

2) Does andyboy else has/had experiences like mine?

3) Do I miss something and the solution is very simple?

Thanks a lot !!!