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    The DVD is Prison Break S1 D4. The disc surface is pretty much immaculate. I've seen MUCH WORSE (surface scratches, etc) play/rip just fine.
    The first two episodes (of four total) play fine. The last two episodes do not play on any PC/laptop I own (tried three different PCs).
    I used Nero Disc Speed utility to test the DVD. Right about the halfway (50 %) mark, the scanner turns into all RED sectors.
    Ditto results with DVD Fab (the util. freezes up around 53%).
    Of the thousands of DVDs I've played, this one is an outlier. I'm going to assume the layer 2 is suffering from some manuf. defect.
    I only have PC-based players (drives). I do not have a dedicated stand-alone "rack" player. So maybe those are more tolerant???
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    Start dvdfab and click common settings - DVD - pathplayer - disable pathplayer restart dvdfab and retry the disc again.
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