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  1. So I was trying to add an SRT file to an mp4 using hand brake and it worked but the beginning of every line pf text has the font size on it. any way i can remove that?
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  2. I can't reproduce the problem. Make sure you are using latest HandBrake. Attach HandBrake's Activity Log and the srt file. If you don't want any formattings anyways you can remove using Subtitle Edit (open srt, ctrl+a to mark all lines, right-click->Remove formatting->Remove all formattings, save).
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  3. So I did need to update hand brake to 1.2 and subtitle edit helped. thank you
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  4. You can convert the .srt subtitle in subtitle edit to .ass and then edit as you like (font size, color and others). Then add the subtitle to .mp4 using some of your favorite mp4box. Finally, encoding the resulting video in handbrake, assuming you want to change something in the video (size, filters) or wanted the hardsub caption, otherwise this step can be skipped, works fine here.
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